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2018 Maserati Ghibli Debuts In China With New GranLusso and GranSport Editions

The facelifted Maserati Ghibli made its public debut at the Chengdu Motor Show, introducing its two new distinct versions, the GranLusso and GranSport.

This Is What A 15,000 Bugatti Scale Model Looks Like Up Close

We all know that scale models can get pretty ridiculous with their details but this is on a whole different level. Read more "

Drunk Driver Hits 17 Cars In Florida While Attempting To Park

Drinking and driving is never a good idea and it appears drinking and parking is even worse. Read more "

Ferrari 288 GTO R Imagines What Might Have Been If Group B Had Lasted

Group B was barely a flash in the pan on the motor racing scene, lasting only from 1982 to '86. But in that short span of time, it yielded some of the most impressive machinery ever made.

Bentley Continental GTZ For Sale Is One Of Just Nine Zagato Made

Good things, they say, come in twos. Just last week, for example, we brought you news of Bentley seeking to get into the exclusive coachbuilding game.

VW Now Considers Tesla Its Key 'New World' Rival

Volkswagen admits that moving forward, its main rival will not be the likes of Toyota or Hyundai, but rather Tesla. Read more "

Daihatsu Updates The Move, Its Tiny Tall JDM Wagon

Japanese Kei cars come in all shapes, and even if their sizes are largely dictated by the regulations to which they're made to conform, some are more spacious than others.

What Does Volvo Have Planned For The S50 Nameplate?

Volvo's product plans at present are fairly straightforward. It's done rolling out all variants of the 90 series, will soon roll out the members of the smaller 40 series, and will then get on with the new 60 series.

Genesis Suspends Operations In Louisiana Indefinitely After Licensing Issue

Genesis, the premium arm of Hyundai, has suspended sales, service and marketing in Louisiana indefinitely after the state"s Motor Vehicle Commission said that Hyundai wasn"t properly licensed to sell Genesis models in the state.

Updated 2018 Honda Fit Now On Sale From 16,190 MSRP

Honda's restyled 2018 Fit is arriving at dealerships today, boasting a new look, updated tech, more safety features and a starting price of just over $16, 000.